Highland City Hornet Logo Highland City Elementary AR Program

AR is an incentive program with the purpose of encouraging students to read.

Just as with anything students practice, the more they read, the better readers they will become!

Each AR book has a different reading level according to the difficulty of the text. Your child will have a certain book level at which he or she is reading based on their independent reading ability. As they become better readers, their book level will increase.

At HCE our AR program has incentives built in for each time a student reaches a certain point level, or club. As the students complete a book, they take an AR test about their book on the computer. If they pass the test, they are awarded points. The students may only take a test here at school, but you can certainly talk with them about the important parts of their book to help them review.

Our incentives are:

                                       AR Point Clubs

10 – AR brag tag                               100 – Library/news show helper

15 – Popsicles                                    150 – 3D toy

25 – Treasure box                            200 – Lunch with Principal

50 – Book Charm                              250 – Ice cream

75 – Wrist band                                300 – Certificate and medal

*Point club winners will be announced over the intercom every week!