Student working with clay in art class

In Mrs. Talley’s Art class, students learn the Elements of Art & Principles of Design while exploring new materials, mediums, artists and art history.  We make memories, messes and masterpieces!



In Mrs. Wengerd’s music class we are always movin’ and groovin’!  Students learn musical concepts such as steady beat, rhythm, melody, and meter just to name a few.  We learn these concepts through hands on experiences; using drums, xylophones, metallophones, simple rhythm instruments, and so much more.



In physical education, at Highland city elementary, Students learn a variety of skills related to sports and life. For example, units are taught on throwing, catching, health, fitness, striking, cooperation, and lifetime fitness. In these units students learn about nutrition, heart rates, sportsmanship and many different sports.

Our Clubs


TiViTz is as easy to learn as checkers but can be as complex as chess. Students can play on the baseball-themed board game and the online version. Traditionally, the county has a tournament at the end of the school year for our top performers. Their website tells us:

“TiViTz takes an approach to mathematical learning that is fun, challenging, and competitive. TiViTz also boosts kids’ confidence, self-esteem and motivation! With only a few months of TiViTz play, students have shown improvement of 30 percentile points on standardized tests.”


Makerspace is a hands-on, interest driven activity of exploration and often production.  It is thinking with your hands,  developing individual solutions,  and adjusting prototypes.   We do coding, robotics, sewing (including e-textiles with lights), paper circuitry, cardboard construction, virtual reality, augmented reality, green screen, jewelry design, and technology take apart.   We hope to do use drones in the future.   Makers like to think of it as an updated version of tinkering in your grandfather’s workshop and exploring your grandmother’s projects with a technical perspective added.

News Crew

The HCE news show is our school’s video production program. The students are responsible for filming our daily news show that airs each morning in the classrooms. Some of the jobs they are responsible for are news show anchor, cameraman, pictures and filming. Occasionally they sit down to the computer to learn the editing process.

Students in grades 3-5 are typically involved in creating the news show but students of all ages are included in pictures and activities shown on the news show.


Students in 5th grade have the opportunity to become Safety Patrols. Safety Patrols assist at car line, bus line, breakfast and many other areas helping to keep our campus safe.

Homework Hub

The Homework Club is an extracurricular club sponsored by TBA Church. On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, students are welcomed into the Homework Hub, where they work with volunteers on academics and building relationships.